Honda VFR 800 R

ProHolland has chosen to offer two brands of motorcycles: BMW and Honda. Both are superb for the twisting and narrow Dutch roads. That's why this form of transport makes it much more possible to see the Netherlands in a way other tourists won't: off the beaten track! The costs of the listed motorcycles are included in the travel sum. Of course ProHolland offers you the possibility of renting another motorcycle if you want to. We may have to charge extra for these special motorcycles.

The available bikes are listed underneath. Make two choices. This way there is a great chance ProHolland can satisfy you with a motorcycle of your choice. When, in the unexpected case, ProHolland cannot present the motorcycle of your choice, ProHolland will give you the opportunity to make a new choice.

The photos below show the motorcycles we own. All other motorcycles will be hired from motorcycle dealers.

ProHolland suggests you choose a different kind of motorcycle of the one you own. This way a little extra adventure is added to your trip.

The motorbikes listed below are just an impression of the motorcycles we use. So it may be possible the bike you wished for is different from the one shown at this website.

It is even possible to drive your own bike. Please take a look at the cost-card at this website to know the exact pirce for a tour (and what is included). 

When you pick up your chosen motorcycle, a separate rental contract for the use of the motorcycle must be signed and a deposit must be made. This deposit will be returned to you at the end of your holiday, when the motorcycle is delivered back in the same state as it was at the beginning of the trip.

An example of a rental contract for the motorcycle can be seen if you click here

New bikes voor the 2016 season will soon be available: the latest 2016 models of Honda and BMW.

Models for rent 2016:  THIS PART IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!!!

 BMW F800


 Honda Transalp

 Honda VT 750C Shadow

 Honda Goldwing (an extra fee* is necessary to hire this motorcycle)  * not included the fixed price, e-mail us for more info

 No motorcycle driving license needed. Everyone with a valid normal car driving license is allowed to drive the MP3. We have only 2 available.

 HONDA CBR 600 PC31, owned by ProHolland (back-up bike)





In the Netherlands the police operate speeding cameras on which a traffic offence can be seen and used as evidence. Therefore, without an arrest you can nevertheless get a fine. This fine will be coupled to the license plate of the motorcycle. The one who has been registered the indicted motorcycle at that time, has therefore committed the traffic offence and must pay the fine. Therefore you’ll have to sign a declaration in which you will declare you will pay the fine, although you’ll be back home (this is also a reason not to change motorcycles during the holiday without giving ProHolland a notice). Click here for an example of such a declaration.




In case off an accident you are both as renter and driver of the motorcycle responsible for the ‘own risk’ of the insurance, that has been delivered with the motorcycle. This is also the case with theft.

Such as declared the renter of the motorcycle is at all times also the driver. It has been prohibited to lend your motorcycle to third parties. Damage caused by third parties is also for the full 100% your responsibility being the renter. All motorcycles are delivered including vehicle papers and a green card. You are insured on WA-bases (only legal responsibility is covered). The motorbikes are delivered clean and with a full tank of gas and must also be returned in the same manner.



Motorbike Insurance upgrade

The travel sum includes a WA-insurance (legal repsonsibility) of the bicycle. It isn't possible yet to up-grade this insurance. We are working together with our insurance company to make this possible.




The deposit can be paid in cash or can be covered with a reservation on your credit card or with a one-off-authorization on your bank account, when we collect the motorcycles. When you return the motorcycle, undamaged, in the same manner, clean and with a full tank of gas you will get your deposit back. The amount of the deposit depends on the type of motorcycle. In most casses the deposit is € 500,-




As legitimation a valid motor driving license together with a valid passport is enough. For high powered motorcycles an extra obligation applies: you must possess your motor driving license for at least 3 years and you must be at least 21 years of age.



General conditions

  • Before you get your motorcycle it will be checked for damage by you and the owner together.
  • The motorcycle will be delivered with a full tank of gasoline and will be returned with a full tank of gasoline.
  • In case yoy stall or park the motorcycle it must always be on the steering wheel-lock. And the disk-lock from ProHolland must be used. At night the motorcycle need to be parked at a monitored parking or at a locked garage.
  • The motorcycles are not allowed on gravel roads, beaches, logging roads or other non-public roads.
  • Customers may be held responsible for mechanical damage due to negligence in motorcycle operation or failure to provide normal maintenance, or wheelies/stoppies and/or burn outs.
  • The fines caused by you the driver/renter are recovered at all times on the renter.Maintenance responsibility. The customer is responsible for checking engine oil levels at each refuelling and reporting mechanical failures immediately.
  • The cost of washing and cleaning the motorcycle, in case the owner find this necessary, will be on the renters account. You will be charged to pay € 20,-
  • The renter can not withdraw himself to these obligations and conditions.
  • When there is damage to third parties you must call the police at all times. If you fail this, you are personally responsible for the whole damage amount.



Rental contract motorcycle

Rental contract motorcycle

Open the rental contract motorcycle (PDF file)



Declaration payment of fines, which will be known after the trip

Declaration payment of fines, which will be known after the trip

We want to informe you of the possibility that you can be fined in the Netherlands using the license plate of the motorcycle you have driven. When it appears, that the above mentioned person was the renter/driver of the motorcycle mentioned in the warrant at the time and date called on that warrant, you state to pay the owner of mentioned motorcycle (license plate holder) all fines to satisfy within the applying judicial periods. You declare to know the impact not succeeding this payment duty: possible adjournment during a new visit to the Netherland c.q. entrance refusal to the Netherlands.
Also the renter of the above mentioned motorcycle states all costs to be paid to the owner when judicial steps must be undertaken in case the renter does not wish to proceed the payment.

Open the declaration payment of fines (PDF file)



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