Travelling is to enjoy the unknown. To feel and enjoy the difference and sometimes: to improvise. There may be at times unforeseen circumstances; there could be changes in the itinery, sleeping arrangements or excursions. ProHolland will always ensure that the alternative is at the same level as the standard one is. Whenever there are changes in the circumstances ProHolland will let you know as soon as possible.



Applications and availability.

Book your trip as early as possible. The number of travel places has been limited. The people who book early get a reduction of € 75,-. To apply for this possibility you book at least four months in advance of your travelling date and ProHolland must be in the possession of your advance payment.

When, unexpected, the trip you've booked will not proceed, by for example a shortage of interest, the discount of € 75,- will be deducted to the trip you will book on a replacing date. Of course a refund of the total amount of paid money is also possible.
You can book your trip by electronic application using the reservation button (see reservation page) we handle the application as soon as the down payment is in our bank account. The advance payment amounts to 12.5% of the whole travel sum with a minimum amount of € 500,- it has to be paid within 7 days after the reservation.

The latest possibility to book a trip is 9 weeks before this trip starts. Everything has to be paid at once.

By sending your reservation we assume you are familiar with the general conditions among which ProHolland organized and you agree with them.

The offer of ProHolland is without engagement and can, if necessary, be revoked.

The agreement between participants and ProHolland will follow the Dutch law.



Sleeping arrangements

As previously mentioned, at ProHolland nothing is mandatory. You cab sleep at the accommodation we've selected or we can make other arrangements for you.  Unfortunately we have to charge extra for this service. We have a variety of places to offer you from a luxuriously hotel, to a caravan, to a bed & breakfast or a nice herberg. You cab even sleep on the water or in a tent. We strive to use small local accommodations, thus it's much easier to spend time with the Dutch people around you.

Whenever you prefer your own room an allowance of € 20,- a night a person will be charged. People, who travel alone and don't want to have their own room, can get a room with someone of the same gender at ProHolland. Participants of different gender won’t be booked to stay the night in one room. Be aware: there are only a limited number of single rooms available (first come first served).



Travel documents

You need to verify the visa requirements between your own country and the Netherlands. If you have an Nortn-American, Canadian or western European passport you don not need a visa. All other nationalities: we gladly refer to the Dutch embassy or one of our consulates in your home country.

You need to have a valid return ticket in your possession at arrival in the Netherlands. Also you must have sufficient financial resources and a medical expense insurance is required.

At the beginning of every tour ProHolland will copy your passport, driving license, insurance papers and credit- and/or bank plastics. In cases of an emergency or theft we can provide the Dutch authorities all information they need.





Please check your health insurance before departure. Does it cover all the costs even when something happens out of your home country? ProHolland advises you also to get a travel insurance. This way the possible return home expenses are covered. Also the loss of baggage or stolen goods will be paid back by the insurance company in case of bad luck.
Please also think about cancellation insurance.
Please get in contact for advice with your own insurance company.
Note: a normal health insurance is required by Dutch law.

ProHolland is in possession of an extra insurance which will cover extra costs which are not included your own health-, travel- and/or cancellation insurance. It is only available for guests who actually already have the mature insurance themselves. It is only to make sure, in case of big problems, we try to support you.




Every participant in a trip organized by ProHolland takes part for/on his/her own risk in the tour and he/she protects ProHolland of all liability. ProHolland cannot be responsible for damage or modifications in the program as a result of bad weather conditions or natural disasters. However, ProHolland will provide alternatives. Under no circumstances there can be of refund of (a part of) the travel sum.

ProHolland is not responsible and not accountable for collisions and accidents, and the damage resulting from that. ProHolland keeps the right without preceding communication to change the whole tour or parts of it if they consider it necessary. Reasons can be the observed driving capacities of the participant(s).

The owner and the employees of ProHolland as the companies contracted by ProHolland, are not responsible for the security of the participants. The participants are responsible themselves, both individual and as a collective. For this reason ProHolland cannot be put responsible for accidents by which participants will be wounded or die, during the trip or for damage to their properties.




ProHolland keeps the right for changing misprints / typos without preceding communication. Anything of this internet site, the several documents and/or the printed pages can be used by you or third parties.

Data contains in this website is for general information purposes only. No right whatsoever can be derived from this data. ProHolland is not liable for any damage which may arise as a result of any incorrectness or incompleteness of the data included in this website



Information for departure

The website of ProHolland provides you with the last current news. ProHolland will do its utmost best to put as much as possible relevant information on its site. Also the Dutch embassy in your home country and the ministry of foreign affairs can be of your aid.




Please note ProHolland is a Dutch travel agent. Thereby the agreement between participants and ProHolland will follow the Dutch law.

Speeding- and all other kind of tickets will be forwarded to your home address.

The participant cannot withdraw him-/herself to the obligations and conditions mentioned in this website or official documents produced by ProHolland




In the Netherlands the police operate speeding cameras on which a traffic offence can be seen and used as evidence. Therefore, without an arrest you can nevertheless get a fine. This fine will be coupled to the license plate of the motorcycle. The one who has been registered the indicted motorcycle at that time, has therefore committed the traffic offence and must pay the fine. Therefore you’ll have to sign a declaration in which you will declare you will pay the fine, although you’ll be back home (this is also a reason not to change motorcycles during the holiday without giving ProHolland a notice). Click here for an example of such a declaration



Payment and billing

After application you will receive a charge affirmative within 48 hours by e-mail. Also a specified invoice will be added. Check these well. Is everything in order with your wishes, and are the mentioned names and dates correct? When there is something not correct, inform ProHolland as soon as possible, so we can correct it. The invoice must be paid 9 weeks before departure. When the money isn't in our account at that time, ProHolland will assume you don't have any interest anymore in the trip you've booked. Your reservation expires and another participant will be granted. Your advance payment will not be paid back.

ProHolland keeps the right unilaterally to change the total travel sum due to possible increase of the fuel costs or insurance costs.



To cancel

Cancellation is only possible on the legally determined reasons. ProHolland will charge you as written below.


Up to 56 days before departure:
56 (incl.) days up to 28 days before departure:
28 (incl) days up to 14 days before departure:
14 (incl) days up to departure:
€ 500,-
€ 1000,-
75% of the total travel sum
100% of the total travel sum

In case a participant, for what ever reason, is not able to continue the tour, he/she will not get any form of a refund.

Booking Terms

  1. Reservation must be paid in full to guarantee rate and rental date.
  2. Reservations are non-refundable.
  3. Discount rates are subject to blackout dates and availability.

Of course ProHolland will do its utmost best to precede all the trips as planned. When unexpectedly it will occur a trip must be annulated by ProHoland this will be announced at the latest 4 weeks for departure. Of course ProHolland will immediately pay back the money to you.



Searchers form, people who stay at home

Let your family, friends and acquaintances know where you are and how long you remain gone. Press the ‘searchers’ button, fill it in and email this to your fellow men. Provide them with adequate information. In case of an emergency, they can trace you very fast. Emergency number ProHolland:


I.C.E. In Case of Emergency.
Put ICE into the memory of your mobile phone. Everywhere around the world rescue people know the meaning of ICE, so when bad things happen they will call your ICE contact.

Open the searchers form here.

In case of an emergency the number mentioned below can be reached 24H a day


Our National emergancy number to contact the emergancy services is

(from outside the Netherlands: +31112)




ProHolland assumes no responsibility for loss, damage or delay in delivering baggage to tour participants. Baggage turned over to ProHolland, or any other company hired by ProHolland, for transport each day is done so at participant’s own risk. Baggage insurance is recommended.



Non-observance of traffic laws and group travel regulations

If the customer does not comply with traffic laws or the requirements for group travel, the contract may be cancelled by ProHolland and the rental motorcycle secured.



Data / Photo / Video material

Photos and videos produced by ProHolland or its representatives on tour are the property of ProHolland. The copyrights rest with ProHolland. ProHolland can use all of this material for advertising and marketing purposes including images in which individual tour members can be recognized, without any charge from the tour member arising for ProHolland for the use of this material.

Data contains in this website is for general information purposes only. No right whatsoever can be derived from this data. ProHolland is not liable for any damage which may arise as a result of any incorrectness or incompleteness of the data included in this website. It is prohibited to use any information or photographs of this website other than for personal use only.




The participant is obliged to notify complaints during the trip to the guide. In the case no acceptable solutions are met, the participant must ensure that a written complaint has been deposited within 14 days after the last day of his/her tour to the office of ProHolland. When the complaint even then, has not been met to the participant’s satisfaction, the complaint can be presented to a competent Dutch judge.
(PS: The contracted travel agreement has been signed under the applying Dutch legal right)

A participant in an event or travel organized by ProHolland cannot withdraw himself to the obligations of these conditions.



ProHolland guide:

Fax +31 528 274 497
Mobile Phone +31 649 935 484
Emergancy Phone +31 625 021 631
E-mail info@proholland.com

E-mail answer within 48 hours.

Telephone calls: our daily office hours are 07.00 19.00 H. all year long. Be aware of the time difference. US east coast -5 GMT, west coast -8 GMT and the Netherlands +1 GMT.

In case of an emergency: please forget the time difference CALL IMMEDIATELY in all other occasions: please keep in mind a human being has to sleep.