My name is Gaaijo (Ga-Jo). Gaaijo is difficult for English speaking people to pronounce, that's why I was called Kyle during my work experience in Tama-Toledo Iowa. I’m the owner of ProHolland and, on most occasions, also your guide.

ProHolland was founded in 2008. We are new, but most of all, different. One of our specialties is to organize motor vacations. We work with a small solid team of three people. My support in the office is Agnes. She ensures the success of your trip. Agnes anticipates on current developments and reacts quickly and adequately to unforeseen circumstances. During our travel we are accompanied by Mo. Mo is there to make your trip as pleasant as possible. He will ensure all kinds of daily routines, where as you enjoy driving your motorcycle.

Of course there are more people behind the scenes working to make your trip as pleasant as possible. First I thank our Canadian agent Bob, who always comes up with new ideas always new ideas. Janet, also from Canada, thank you for your help in writing better English. Karen is our helpfull hand in the USA, like Frank is in Germany. Also the backup employees are priceless. If something unexpected happens; Arjan, Agnes, Agnes, Eelco, Warner, Patrick, Dalva, Jolanda and/or Lisette are ready to jump in and help. All these wonderful people are enthusiastic part-time employees, who have a great knowledge of the Netherlands, Dutch culture, - habits and - history. Like the rest of our team, everyone is absolutely qualified to do the job, especially because they know what it's all about: entertaining.
Note: every trip one of them will join you for a day.

Kyle on the motor

Kyle in action.

I’m looking forward to ride with you!

On behalf of our whole team I wish you a great holiday.

Our address to visit us: ProHolland motorvacations, Enkweg 34, 8121 XG Olst



Facts about the Netherlands

Facts about the Netherlands

Holland, or the Netherlands for us locals, is the same place; however, the official name is the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

25% of Holland is below sea level.

Every square kilometer contains an average of 480 inhabitants: we are most dense country in the world.

The Netherlands is only 0.008% of the world surface, but we are the world’s third biggest exporter of agricultural products.

Holland has 15.000 kilometer of bicycle roads.

Dutch is spoken not only in the Netherlands but also in France, Belgium, South Africa, Suriname, Aruba and the Dutch Antilles.

Nowadays we still have approximately 1000 working windmills.

The Dutch are the tallest people in Europe.

De Afsluitdijk is world’s longest sea barrier (36 km).

Amsterdam contains 42 museums and the Netherlands has 1000 in total.

The Netherlands have more bicycles than it has inhabitants.

Herring has to be eaten raw with onions!

Most people only get to visit great works of art …The Dutch get to live in one.

Thirty % of all babies are born at home.

Amsterdam has 22 paintings by Rembrandt and 206 of Van Gogh.

We have 27 airports in Holland of which 20 are paved.

Holland highest point is a ‘mountain’ of 323 meters.

Amsterdam is the capital. The Hague is home town of our government.

We are worlds eighth biggest export country.

Not many people know it, but tulips are originally from Turkey! Our good nose for making money gives us a good result: today we produce at least 80% of the world’s production.

Most Dutch people speak at least one foreign language.

There are 1281 bridges in Amsterdam.

Schiphol is situated 4.5 meters below sea level.

Europoort Rotterdam is the world’s second largest port.

Vincent van Gogh, one of our best painters, only sold one painting in his entire life.

Arie Luyendijk is ours.

The bugaboo is also a Dutch invention.

Looking for more Dutch fun www.eddyechternach.nl/english.html



ProHolland has also some serious facts to announce

It is prohibited to drive drunk (more than 0.02% of alcohol in your blood. A normal healthy human being can drink one glass without getting problems).

Speed limit Inside cities:
High ways
50 km/h
80 km/h
100 or 120 km/h

Read always the road signs: we have plenty of exceptions.

Our police may look soft, but be aware of traffic offences. Our police is strict. They have radar, lasers, portable as well as stationary speed traps. It is even possible to register at what time you enter a highway and at what time you go off: speeding means having a ticket in your mail box when you arrive home.
For foreigners it means: being stopped by the police is paying on the spot. Being trapped by a speed trap: ProHolland gets the ticket, but we will forward it to the user of the motorbike: so be aware.



Metric system

In the Netherlands we use the metric system.

Some conversions:

1 inch = 25,4 mm
1 foot = 12 inch = 0,3048 meter
1 yard = 3 ft = 0,914 meter
1 mile = 1.6 kilometer (1000 meters)

1 gallon = 3.785 liters
1 inch3 = 16.39 cm3

1 ounce = 28.35 gram
1 pound = 0.4536 kilogram

1 acre = 4047 m2 (nearly 0.5 hectare = 5000 m2)
1 billion = 1000 million =

Fahrenheit to Celsius F = C x 1.8 + 32

1 mtr = 39.37 inch

1 km = 0.62 mile

1 ltr = 0.26 gallon

1 kg = 2.2 pound



More info about the Netherlands and ProHolland

Travelling with ProHolland is about enjoying your holiday. But why should you wait upon arrival in the Netherlands? What is more fun: the anxiety to organization before the trip or the trip itself? To research and read information, see photographs and movies? In short: think about what you’d like to see. We have gathered extra information which you can check out before you come to the Netherlands. Visit our news page, take a look at the foto gallery and/or our café. Also the "Lonely Planet" or "Culture Shock", among other books, gives you good up to date information.
Our info can also be seen in the newsletter. (news section below)

Before you travel and enjoy the Netherlands wouldn’t it be extra nice if you've met your travel companions before your trip? ProHolland has made this possible on its website, by putting a link to the Internet cafe of ProHolland

Enjoying your trip starts already by exploring our web-site. Have fun!




News, facts and figures, nice to know. You can find it here!

From time to time we will announce new high lights, special events or other nice-to- know-things. During our high season, ProHolland will update it newspage daily if necesary.

Sometimes we have some tips for the next group, that is set to arrive. So check this page more than ones. 

Also the changes in time tables and/or departures will be announced here.

Therefore, if you would like to know the latest news facts: visit this news page on a regular basis.

February 7th 2015:   Hello men!! The major big cities in the Netherlands have                                                  have more young women than men!! Utrecht 138 to 100,                                                  100, Amsterdam 122 to 100 and The Hague 108 to 100.

January 3rd 2015:    Finally finished the 2015 update of the ProHolland site

January 1st 2015:     HAPY NEW YEAR !!!

December 27th '14:  After 2 year finally snow again

August 12th 2014:    16 years of age, Max Verstappen tests a F1 car do be the                                                   youngest driver in the next season (2015)

July 17th 2014:          MH17 is shot down above the Ukrain killing 298 people                                                     Most off them are Dutch citizen.

July 7th 2014:             3rd place @ the semi-final of the WK soccer, not bad for a                                                small country like the Netherlands.


May 18th 2014:          Wubbo Ockels died. He was the first Dutch astronaut ever.

April 26th 2014:          First King Day (after many Queen Days, Queen                                               Beatrix resigned)

March 29th 2014:       Today is our constitution 200 years old!!

March 24th 2014:        President Obama visit our National Rijksmuseum                                                              (Nachtwacht)

January 1st 2014:       It isn't allowed anymore to drink alcohol at the age of 16.                                                   From today you hafe to be 18!!!!

October 28th 2013:     Heavy strom in the Netherlands, 3 people died. This nearly                                              never happens down here.

April 30th 2013:           Our last Queensday + the first day our new KIng, King                                                   Willem-Alexander.

January 28th 2013:     Queen Beatrix announced her retirement @  April 30th                                            If you want to read more about this click here


January 23rd 2013:    ALL newsletters are online. Just scroll down

January 7th 2013:       Prices are available for the 2013 season: € 1499,- or
                                        € 2099,- Look for more information at the reservation                                                         section.

January 1st 2013:       Happy New Yaer!!!

November 29th 2012: first snow of the season!

September 21st 2012: And the new world champion wheely is? Yep: crazy                                           Dutchman!!!. Want to know more? Try clicking @ the                                           picture below


January 2012:              we uploaded the dates and prices of the 2012 season. 

December 2011:          finaly we have time to rebuild the engine of our race bike.

October 2011:              ending of this season

August 2011:                 Broke my toe. Driving my motorbike wearing one sandle                                                  and one boot. Nevertheless it is a lot of fun as long as i                                          manage to tilt the bike to the left side in case i'm standing                                            still.

June 2011:                     broke my little toe, never try to play soccer with your                                                            girlfriend.... barefood....

April and May 2011:     the weather is nearly too good right new. We hope the                                           summer will be as good as this spring

March 2011:                  we are busy, very busy but still going strong preparing our                                                vacations season 2011

Februari 2011:               first promotion activities during our National Motorshow                                                     in Utrecht. (look for pictiures in the photo gallery section)

Februari 2011:               busy building up a decent Facebook account. Want to see                                                it: click

January 24th 2011:       today they started producing oil again from the biggest on                                             land oil field of Western Europe, Slochteren the                                                                   Netherlands. In 1996 it was closed down but new                                                              technical solutions and high prices made it efficient to                                             start up again.

January 17th 2011:      all info for the 2011 season is now available. Except...                                                        photos of the newest rental bikes. We target at the new                                                     models of Honda and BMW.

January, 1st 2011:         Happy New Year.

Oktober/November/December 2010: begining the preparations for next season.

Spetember 2010:          last days of being busy with guests, foreigners, tourists,                                             motor riders. Next year more fun again.

August 20th 2010:         everyone (including our foreign guests) are invited to my                                                   dad's anniversary. Great experience: a Dutch birthday!

July 2010:                        third tour this month! 3 times a special custimized tours.

June 8th 2010:                we installed a new functionality @ our home page.

May 30th 2010:               we improved our photo gallery. Click here for short cut

March 27th 2010:           today we have registrated a facebook account: Kyle                                                           ProHolland


March 23th 2010:           we have put lots of new photo material in the gallery!!                                                       And we will continue to do this from time to time.                                                                 Click here for short cut

April 14th 2010:              we removed the Twitter account: didn't like the medium.

April 25th 2010:              we will be at the racetrack of Croix et Ternois (France)  

July 21st  2010:               Please feel free to visit us.

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Nice to know - Nice to read - Nice stories

Have fun reading these stories about the Netherlands.

Just click at one of the Photos.

The text of some of the stories isn't ready yet (translation errors) we are working on it. Still we think they are too good not to show them! Have fun reading


                                                     Typical Dutch

         Tax paradise Holland                                                 Netherlands versus USA

                                                     Music is big money

                  Cow                                                                VS versus the Netherlands
                   Wheelie champion            No longer our Queen......               Best DJ of the world

Drop                                            Tulips                                         Philips

  One day                                        Facts about  


            May 4th: remembering      May 5th: liberation day


          Hansie Brinker                 Sterke Yerke


  Is this what we are?          Flying Dutchman    







Unfortunately this item isn't active yet!

Welcome to our Café. Meet your travel mates right here even before you start your trip.
Visiting our café you need a personal ‘entrance’ code. (Look into the e-mail you received after booking your trip). Using it you can log on and look who is travelling with you. ProHolland will provide names, cities/state, age and occupation. If your travel companion gave us his/her e-mail we will put this on our site also. This way people actually can ‘meet’.

You are free to visit our Internet Café and leave a message or a question for your fellow travel companions.

It isn’t possible to get access to our café before you book a trip.




Hopefully you enjoyed your stay in the Netherlands. Perhaps you want to share your experience with other travellers. If you do: please leave a message in our  guestbook. But most of all: if you have good tips: please leave them behind!!



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