Who are your travel companions?

Who are your travel companions?

ProHolland makes travelling suitable for everyone who has a valid motorcycling drivers license. Age doesn’t matter; however, good health is important. Friends, couples, singles, experienced travellers or people venturing from their home country for the first time are all welcome to join us.

ProHolland likes to welcome guests from all over the world, but Dutch citizens are also welcome.

More nationalities means more fun!. Be aware: we will do all our communication in English. The guide is also English speaking.

Throughout your journey you will be accompanied by an English speaking guide. He or she will also drive a motorbike. The minimum number of participants for a trip is four and can go up to a maximum of eight.

For solo-travellers there are plenty of reasons to book with ProHolland, because at ProHolland nobody is alone.




Of course it is also possible to bring along your partner and/or companion, who may not have a drivers licence, as a duo-passenger. However, you do have to indicate on what kind of basis you want your sleeping arrangements.



Group or individual: ultimate freedom

Group or individual: ultimate freedom

Every trip is different and at ProHolland we focus on the person, on you. To travel in a group means heaps of fun and coziness, but you will still feel that personal touch. A little individuality helps to make your trip extra special. We want to emphasise, that you are free to go where ever you want. You are free to participate with the group or undertake something yourself. You are free to give your own interpretation on travelling. ProHolland is a coat rack on which you can hang your travels. Comfort and freedom: that's where we stand for.

ProHolland: group travel is easily combined with the freedom of the individual.



A day on your own

At any time you are entirely free to travel without the group to the next arranged meeting stop (or sleeping place). Nothing is mandatory! When you want to discover the Netherlands on your own, we gladly share our travel tips and we will see you the next morning at the breakfast table.



Going from sleeping place to sleeping place

It’s up to you whether you drive alone or drive with others. In case you want to drive on your own: we have more than enough GPS systems (Garmin). In case of trouble the MPV driver (our luggage / service team) or the guide will pick you up. Feel free and do what you want to do. ProHolland is there to support you in whatever you want to do.




Traffic in the Netherlands is different than in North America. We have different driving regulations. Sometimes the outskirts of a city can be hectic and small country roads can be rough and complex. To make your transition to driving as painless as possible, we refer to the button below (‘movement and security in the Netherlands’) and please read the regulations. ProHolland recommends that you understand these rules.

- Always stop if you are not sure who goes first
- Everything from the right side goes first
- Don’t hit a pedestrian: you will be held responsible for it in any case!
- If you park you motorbike: lock it!!
- Bicycle riders sometimes make strange movements: just keep away from them
- Keep enough distance between you and the one in front of you

- speed limits are there to obey!

In case you want to know more about Dutch traffic rules and regulations click here and you will be forwarded to a website with lotst of info about the Netherlands.



Security clothing

Security clothing
Dutch Save riding.

It is possible to rent protecting clothing and helmet (Note: this is not included in the travel costs). However, we prefer you to bring your own clothing preferably made of leather, canvas or twaron and a certified helmet. The speed limit on the Dutch motorways is 120 kmh (about 75 mph). If there is an accident, your safety depends on your clothes. Helmets are obligatory as legislated in the Dutch Government.




Rebuilding dunes after a storm

The Netherlands have a sea climate. Our weather is influenced from air flows above the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea. When the wind comes from the west we receive rain, but when the wind changes in the summer to the east or to the south we have splendid weather to ride. The best time to visit the Netherlands is between the end of April and the end of September. Concurrently, this is when ProHolland is organizing trips. In the other remaining months of the year the temperature is lower and there is a high possibility, that you will get wet virtually every day. But it's still possible to visit the Netherlands at Christmas or New Year. ProHolland will gladly organize your trip on request. Simply let us know your wishes.

Rain gear will be available if necessary.

After a considerable storm the dunes (natural sea barrier) must be repaired......




Restaurant ‘de Kas’ Amsterdam

ProHolland wouldn’t be ProHolland if we didn’t give you the opportunity to eat a real Dutch meal! For instances: Boekwijt and grutten (farmer’s cabbage); pofferd or stampot (mashed potatoes and vegetables). Who dares?

Most restaurants can be recognized by the owner’s nationality: Italian, Greek, Indian, French, South African, Surinam and others. All these immigrants started their own restaurant with their own hometown cooking.

Tip: If a restaurant is full with Dutch people it’s cheap AND good! Also: go and find a small diner, away from the crowd, where the woman of the house is preparing the food, most of the time this food is the best. Bon Appetite!

Good to know:
Breakfast is included the travel sum. Lunch and dinner are not.

On average, a good lunch (including something to drink) costs around € 10,- and a three course diner € 30,- A soda or cup of coffee costs up to € 2,-



Sleeping arrangements

Sleeping arrangements
Sleeping arrangement in Groningen

As previously mentioned, at ProHolland nothing is mandatory. You can sleep at the accommodation we've selected or we can make other arrangements for you. We have a variety of places to offer you from a luxuriously hotel, to a caravan, to a bed and breakfast or at a nice family hotel. You can even sleep on water or in a tent. The variety of accommodations selected by ProHolland is unique. We strive to use small local accommodation, thus it's much easier to spend time with the Dutch people.

Whenever you prefer your own room, an allowance of € 20,- a night a person will be charged. People, who travel alone and don't want to have their own room, will get a room with someone of the same gender. Be aware: there are only a limited number of single rooms available (first come first served).




ProHolland provides a luggage service. Our bus will deliver your luggage to the next stop. Therefore, during the daytime the only thing you have to worry about is a swimsuit or maybe a warm sweater.
Note: also see baggage chapter

Carry-on baggage allowance.

In case you bring your own protecting suit please read this: you may bring one carry-on item onboard the aircraft, plus one personal item (allowances for different airlines may be different). All carry-on items must meet FAA regulations, fit easily in a unit of 22" x 14" x '9" and weigh less than 40 pounds.

Baggage allowance.

Again: different airlines have different limitations on baggage allowance. Most air companies will transport, on trans Atlantic flights for free 2 bags together weight 50 lbs (23 kg) and each 62 linear inches (157cm) total length+width+height.

Please check the website of your air carrier to find out all details about the safety measures for hand luggages. Or check the website of the TSA www.tsa.gov





For a visit to the Netherlands no vaccinations are required. If you want further information please contact the health authority in your country or your local doctor. Or visit the website of the Centre for Disease Control http://www.cdc.gov/

Your guide is the holder of a first aid diploma and always carries a first aid kit. Furthermore the Netherlands have an excellent network of emergency vehicles, doctors, hospitals and specialists if something unexpected might occur.

ProHolland requests you to let us know upon registration if you have any health problems. Also, please advise us if you have a special diet or food preferences (for example; sugar free, low salt or vegetarian food).





Just like in any other country in the world, we have crime and the Dutch police force is professional, when they observe an offence.
But you can do a lot for your own security; be street- and travel smart. We advise you not to flaunt your valuables. Keep an eye on your belongings and keep your bag at hand. Never show large amounts of cash. And we suggest dividing your money and bank cards into different pockets because world tourists are a steady source of income for pickpockets. If you don’t behave too much like a tourist in a metropolis such as Amsterdam you won't stand out as a foreigner. Nevertheless if something happens: do not panic and call the police (emergancy telephone number 112)
ProHolland is not the guardian of any customer’s safety, individually or collectively. Please watch over your own safety and the safety of your fellow traveler.




In Holland we only tip the waitress…………

As you probably know, the Netherlands use the Euro (€) as their currency. In every city or town you can use an ATM or credit cards, such as Visa, MasterCard and Diners Club. It's not necessary to bring Euros from your own country. On arrival at the airport it's already possible to get Euros from an ATM. It is also possible to change $ into € at the airport.

In restaurants, cafes and bars it is normal to leave a small tip. Dutch waitresses earn a reasonable income without the tip money, but it is custom to show your appreciation for their service.

Visa, American Express and all other major credit cards are widely accepted in the Netherlands



ProHolland guide:

Fax +31 528 274 497
Mobile Phone +31 649 935 484
Emergancy Phone +31 625 021 631
E-mail info@proholland.com

E-mail answer within 48 hours.

Telephone calls: our daily office hours are 07.00 – 19.00 H. all year long. Be aware of the time difference. US east coast -5 GMT, west coast -8 GMT and the Netherlands +1 GMT.

In case of an emergency: please forget the time difference CALL IMMEDIATELY in all other occasions: please keep in mind a human being has to sleep.